Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tadpole now has back legs

Hello everyone,

Just giving you an update on my youngest son journey of raising a frog. Our tadpole now is displaying the back legs which means we will soon be letting it go. It has been very rewarding to watch my four year old feed, check on, and just sit and watch his new found pet. I feel like this experience helps him to learn the responsibilities of raising an animal and of course the beauty of life itself. The rapid changes beings go through on a daily basis that are not necessary negative but a life circumstance but every being is equiped to withstand those life changes. This journey for him really has given him a new outlook on responsibility, care, nurturing, and of course separation. Take a look at the new legs:-)


  1. I have also been noticing legs on the tadpoles.

    Very cool to see that y'all are keeping up with the tadpole

  2. Yes, he is having a ball taking care of it and of course a very good learning experience for him as well.