Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fire Pit Project

Hey everyone,

I want to first thank two friends, Michael and Ms.Cine' for inspiring me to do this project. I was able to see a beautiful fire pit on Ms. Cine' property and because Michael suggested I fill in my low spot on my garden plot. I decided to use the soil I was digging out to fill in. One project but two uses. To remind everyone I am using some Permaculture principles:
(1) Each element performs multiple functions
(2) Turn problems into solutions

You see the fire pit project helped our fall garden with very rich and full of life(earthworms)soil. Thanks to the both of you for being truly sustainable farmers.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Jackson Air Show

Another family outing recently to the Jackson Air Show. Wow! We always have a ball at air shows. This was the first show for my youngest so you know he had a blast. Here are just a few pictures to give you a glimpse of our day. Enjoy :-)

Our Ship Island Trip

Hey everyone,

Just another update on a day trip we took recently with other families. This is Ship Island which is located about 15 miles off our Gulf Coast. It is a four generation family that owns a charter boat company that takes you to the various islands located on the coast. You can spend a day or half day trip.
Enjoy the pictures.

Freshly Planted Fall Grasses & Mustard Greens

We have two breeds of sheep, Kathadins and Gulf Coast Native. As you can see, they are enjoying themselves so much with the newly planted fall grasses and mustard greens. They will be here for a few days and will be moved on to a new plot. Yum, Yum, Yum :-)

Fall Garden is Getting Prepared

Hello everyone,

As you can see I have been diligently working on my fall crop. I have a large array of vegetables so I am having to increase the size of the garden plot. Also we will be adding another area for the spring/summer garden which will be even larger. Hey, I am learning and with learning growth will occur. I am so excited about everything that has happen this year. I will keep you abreast of the future of these seedlings.

Newly Harvested Sweet Potatoes

This picture is a fraction of what was harvested. We have already sold some and have selected our best for a value-added product coming out soon. So be watching for a delicious treat to be added to your area whole food store. This was so amazing for our family. Of course, most of you know that this was my first time officially vegetable gardening so to produce a harvest like this was fantastic. I cannot wait to come up with many recipes for these scrumptious delights.

BBC Filming a Documentary at Jackson RoadMap to Health Farmers Market

Hello everyone,
This was a fascinating day with the Staff of BBC, Staff of Jackson RoadMap to Health Farmers Market, and fellow farmers and community residents to be able to talk about the impact this farmers market has done for the community that has no grocery stores in the immediate area. Residents would have to drive at least 20 minutes to the nearest store. This documentary is suppose to be comparing the lives of two obese British citizens and two United States citizens to show reasons how they got to this point in their lives. I hope the project is successful and we get to see it soon in our own living rooms.
Stay tune :-)

Preparing Property To Increase Farm Operation

Here is my oldest son cutting trees on our property to open up the canopy for the sun to reach the ground so grass can grow. This project will take us the fall/winter season to complete. As you can see we have a lot of work to do on cutting the smaller trees that are being smothered out by larger trees. So wish us luck and if you want to help please give me a call :-) We could use more chainsaws and able bodies.

My youngest raising snapping turtles experience has come to an end

The fantastic adventure of my youngest raising snapping turtles has come to an end. We let the turtles go a week ago into the reservoir so they can grow even larger. He really loved this experience and for a toddler he took care of them like a professional. It has to be in the blood, loving all animals. He enjoyed feeding, watering, and watching their habits to enlighten him about snapping turtles daily routine. Stay tune to another animal adventure. My oldest has spoke about raising rabbits for an addition to the farm animals. I will let you know when the official homecoming will be.