Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Pyrenees Puppies In New Homes

Hello farmers, gardeners, and everyone in between,

I had a really nice summer as you will soon realize as you read on further. So I will begin with my gorgeous great pyrenees puppies born late spring. We have found them new homes in Mississippi. Both puppies were so good at learning their duties as livestock guardian dogs. From this litter and year before last litter we have puppies scattered across the Southeast helping other farmers keep away predators. My Great Pyrenees family keep away opossums, chicken eaters and foxes, yes lamb and sheep eaters. So far so good no casualties well just them. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Take a glimpse at our pride and joy :-)

2010 Fig Harvest

Well, whole food shoppers and fig fritters connoisseurs may be a little disappointed in not receiving RD & S Farm, LLC tasty figs this year. We decided to keep this years harvest and create natural preserve. I solicited help from an elder in the community to assist me to make sure I don't make a total mess of these figs. Enjoy!

2nd chick to be born

This is our second chick to be born on the property. We are so excited because these chicks are being born to hens that were given to me at a farm conference. I am so delighted to see nature harmoniously at work daily on our farm. This is the life why not come join in the fun. Create your space to be sustainable to your needs and let nature take it course. Happy Gardening!

Largest Zucchini Yet

I had to single out this huge harvest that fed my family but mine you it is a small family. I am a proud gardener to harvest such a fine specimen :-0
This zucchini was the backbone for the plant itself because once this one was harvested the plant was on its last leg. Remember: Happy Gardening

Playing Catch Up :-)

Hello everyone,

I have been doing so many other things so I do apologize for not posting regularly. But now is my time to play catch up with you. These are some pictures of some of our spring/summer harvest. As of Sept. 6th I am still harvesting okra - red velvet to be exact. OOOOooooohhhhhhh! they are scrumptious. I have heard so many comments about local farmers harvest this spring/summer. A few quotes, "My vegetables are taking longer to grow this time around", "I am still getting tomatoes and it is time for me start planting fall crops", "This has been a great season". As you know these quotes came from backyard gardeners, row crop(conventional) farmers, and small natural farmers. My opinion is this is the time for everyone to get to growing something in a container, backyard, front yard :-), rent plots from retired farmers, and create community gardens. Spread the word, Grow your own food!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Whew! Able to take a quick break :-)

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy on the farm preparing garden plot after garden plot to have enough space to plant the extraordinary variety of vegetables and fruit. I do have to apologize there are not any pictures as of yet. I will be taking some soon. Remember, too busy to even think of the camera. At this time, we have zucchini squash, yellow crooked neck squash, okra, cucumbers, chard, tomatoes, watermelons growing, and of course the others that have not yet sprouted but will be well on their way shortly. So enough with the breather now back to work.

Happy Gardening!!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Vegetables Are Planted

Hello everyone,

I know that I am a little behind schedule but we all know it will work out. Since I am a novice at vegetable gardening I always plant all sorts of vegetables like beets, sweet pepper, chard, gourds, cucumbers, onions, arugula, watermelon just to name a few ;-) I love planting and watching for the sprouts to burst through the soil. The true essence of nature at work.

New Addition To Our Farm

I know you are saying, "again". Well, this family love animals and we especially like animals that people don't want anymore. So I would like to introduce to you our Pure New Zealands (two white ones) and our Dutch and New Zealand mix rabbits. Yes, I typed it RABBITS. Now I know you would love this addition to your family as well. All soft and cuddly, the perfect pet. Our purpose for adding these beautiful rabbits are for our children visitors that don't like large animals such as sheep, goats, and dogs but prefer a smaller animal. The rabbit is the perfect match for that youngster.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

February Lambs

We are progressing everyday here on the farm. We have two new lambs born in the month of February. If the births are similar to last year we will have some more in March on into April. So I would like for everyone to see the beautiful lambs.

Baby Chicks Have Arrived

We have new baby chicks on the farm. So our numbers are increasing before long we will have enough laying hens to produce enough eggs to share. So stay tune for the announcement to pick up your carton of eggs at a whole food grocery near you.

Youth Garden Workshop

Hello fellow bloggers,

It has been awhile since I have given information about the farm. Well, I was really hibernating now I am coming out of the warm house to the warmth of the outside to get to work. Of course, I had to work in the cccccooooollllddd weather this winter but I am so glad to see the sunny days. Our Spring Break Youth Garden Workshop was a hit with all ages. We had a ball learning how to market our produce from our garden and also learning to turn that produce, fruit, and herbs into a value-added product. Then we went to work on our Lasagna Garden which is basically composting in a bed.
1. Newspapers/Cardboard to suppress the weeds.
2. Food scraps from your kitchen but no meat products.
3. Leaves, grass clippings, mulch.
4. Composted manure
5. Soil from the area if needed to cover up excess food scraps.
I am looking forward to doing this on a continuous basis during the spring and summer so give me a call if you would like for me to do a workshop for your youth.