Monday, September 7, 2009

Fall Garden Is Growing

I am so happy because I planted on Sept. 4th. The day the almanac states would be the best planting day. I planted quite a bit which I showed everyone earlier and as of the third day those seeds were coming up. I am so excited. Everything is coming up. This is phenomenal. Take a look and as always enjoy. You can see I am quite an amateur when it comes to being a vegetable grower but I am so elated to be learning and eating healthy, nutritious food while learning.

Our Farm First Composting To Vermicomposting

Hello everyone,

After attending a workshop with Will Allen from Growing Power, Inc. I have been inspired to do a better composting system using pallets, screen of various sizes and masonry blocks and of course everything to make compost. Shortly, I will be adding worms to create a worm bin which was my initial goal but I got some veggie scraps so I needed to bury quickly. This is the beginning of our newly forming composting to vermicomposting area. Enjoy :-)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall Planting is On The Way :-)

I am so elated to have such a better vision of vegetable and herb growing now leading into my second half of my first season of growing myself. I am learning each and every day the essence of growing food. My children and I are having so much fun learning, planting, watering, and harvesting. The fall garden I somewhat went crazy with buying seeds and I plan on buying more but don't fret they will not be wasted. Through this journey I desparately have to learn how to save seeds. This is something my ancestors did but of course I have forgotten and now have to reteach myself. Welcome to our journey of vegetable and herb gardening.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lambs For Sale for Meat

Hello everyone,

RD & S Farm, LLC is coming to a plate near you with our lamb meat. You special order your cuts up to 25lbs. when you come and view a lamb or online, pay a deposit with signature and in a few days you have perfectly cut meat to your satisfaction and taste. These two are our first lambs for sale. If you are interested please give me a call.

The Last Update with Tadpole Adventure

My life has been so hectic lately with an abrupt family situation but of course I am handling it the way I do. Keep smiling and move on. The day the last tadpole left was an amazing day. I woke up early and walked into my greenhouse makeshift room within my house to sit and look at my flowers and meditate. I noticed the last little tadpole on the side of the container drying a little and getting ready to make its first jump. I immediately got my youngest son up from bed to take a look because I knew when he actually gets up the frog would be gone. He was still half sleep but he walked over and looked and made a few comments but went back to bed. When he finally got up the frog was gone but he got hysterical because he didn't really remember that he viewed it earlier. Screaming "Where did he go?" I explained that he is gone to start living its life in the wild catching bugs and being a true frog. That did satisfy him but everyday a so I get asked to go back to the Tougaloo-Rainbow Garden to get some more tadpoles to start this adventure all over again. So look for the Second Tadpole Adventure coming to a blog page near you. :-0