Monday, November 5, 2012

Blessed Children

Our children are a blessing to the parents and to the world. So why is it so many children are lost for the natural order of life. Why do children not know where there food comes from and how their clothes are created. I always remembered that the basic needs were food, clothing and shelter. Now mine you most people have these things and some are more extravagant than others but the basic needs are met. Again why do the children seem lost to why these are the basic needs and why they are so important more so than a television, a cell phone? Well, I have one thought most parents are lost from the natural order of life. We live in a microwave society that wants everything now, right now. So the children don't live a life of enjoyment with nature. They really live a life of enjoyment with things to pacify them each and everyday. We need to truly get back to the basics. Slow down and smell the roses. Slow down and make conversation with your children. Love your neighbor as yourself. Each One, Teach One. Please way in on this discussion, please. Would like to hear you input.