Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up :-)

Hello everyone,

I have been doing so many other things so I do apologize for not posting regularly. But now is my time to play catch up with you. These are some pictures of some of our spring/summer harvest. As of Sept. 6th I am still harvesting okra - red velvet to be exact. OOOOooooohhhhhhh! they are scrumptious. I have heard so many comments about local farmers harvest this spring/summer. A few quotes, "My vegetables are taking longer to grow this time around", "I am still getting tomatoes and it is time for me start planting fall crops", "This has been a great season". As you know these quotes came from backyard gardeners, row crop(conventional) farmers, and small natural farmers. My opinion is this is the time for everyone to get to growing something in a container, backyard, front yard :-), rent plots from retired farmers, and create community gardens. Spread the word, Grow your own food!

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