Saturday, July 4, 2009

Celebrating Sustainable Agriculture

Today started off pretty early with a trip to our community garden, Tougaloo-Rainbow Sustainable Garden where my youngest son and I planted pumpkin seeds. We help to water the two garden plots and left with a treat cucumbers and tomatoes. Next, the journey led us to Belhaven Market where I was looking for my farmer friends from Sweet Magnolia Farm to get some squash and swiss chard but they were not there today. So we ended up making business connections with some old friends and again left with a treat tomatoes and butternut squash. Lastly, our journey led us to the High Street Farmers Market where again saw some old aquaintances and purchased some squash (finally) and peas and the treat from this stop was some beautiful art for my sons. So you see our day was most fulfilling now I am getting ready to cook a fabulous vegetarian meal for the day we are celebrating sustainable agriculture.

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